• Kayako Integration

    Avoid doing duplicate work by synchronizing your help desk with eCommerce, CRM, Project Management or other systems

  • Kayako Design and Themes

    Let your customers treat Kayako as an extension of your web site.

We build bespoke solutions on top of Kayako to let you achieve excellence in customer service

Our Vision

Kayako Development Vision

Helpdesk Developer is a friendly team of web engineers and designers with a keen interest in customer service and ways to improve it. We believe that well-organized help-desk is a matter of professional dignity for any business that wants to lead its industry. In the end, it is the level of your customer support that will define your customer satisfaction and show what your company really stands for.

Our Services

  • Kayako Development Services

    Custom Development

    We build tailor-made solutions that help your deliver better customer service and optimize your business processes. Do not hesitate to contact us with your unique idea, we love challenges, and Kayako Customization is what we excel at!

  • Kayako Integration Services

    Kayako Integration

    Achieve higher productivity by having your help desk work in sync with your other business tools. We integrate Kayako with CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Bug Tracking and other third-party systems.

  • Kayako Design

    Unique Design

    Make sure your help desk appears to be a natural part of your web site by having a personalized Kayako skin that reflects your company's branded style.

  • Kayako Email Customization

    Email Customization

    Our web design team will create a custom email template to let your customers receive tailor-made emails with custom design. We can also ensure your Kayako-sent emails are responsive and can be easily accessed on all mobile devices.

Our Modules

  • Comfy Ticket View

    The module will modify the UI so that you can easily expand and collapse all the posts, giving you a better control of the information flow. With it your staff will spend less time processing the tickets, improving your overall customer service.

  • Edit Custom Fields for Reply

    This module will let you edit Kayako Custom Fields right from the Ticket Reply tab which will improve overall usability and save some of your time.